Postgraduate Education Options in Canada

One of the most popular Postgraduate education options in Canada is Education Consulting in Canada. Education Consulting in Canada offers many Postgraduate Certificate programs to international students. In particular, Education Consulting in Canada focuses on International Business, International Relations and Global Management. International students interested in an International Business Masters degree should consider the Master of Business Administration in International Business at CIBA.

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CIBA offers many concentrations including Concepts in Global Management, Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage, International Business Development, Business Process Improvement, International Economics and Policy and Alternative perspectives on Policy and Management. All of these concentrations require different approaches to teaching and research. For example, there is the Theory Based approach to teaching, which is based on research. The Interdisciplinary program enables students to focus on a specific area of study and also offers research opportunities for all students. The concentrations offer a unique post-requisite foundation that sets the student’s coursework apart from other programs.

There are many areas of specialization that one could pursue after obtaining a Master of Business Administration in International Business. There is one concentration available, which is dedicated to Information Technology. Students who choose to major in this field have the option of specializing in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Systems. There are also concentrations available in Education, Public Administration, Organizational behavior, Statistics, Risk management, Executive leadership and Human Resources. Students can also complete a program in Statistics or in a concentration of Statistics.

An Education option in Canada is University College, University of Toronto. This is a post-secondary educational institution that offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The University of Toronto has an overall Bachelor’s degree program, as well as one program for Master’s in Education, which is accredited by the SSAS. There are a number of specific programs within this broad field.

As well, there are other options within the Liberal Arts field that offer post-baccalaureate education. One such option is York University. Students who complete their program obtain a Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Master of Education (EdD). Students may also elect to study History, while taking general education courses. A Master of Science (Masters) program is another option from York University.

Postgraduate education programs have many advantages over bachelor’s degree programs. For one thing, post-graduate students are trained in a variety of topics and they can specialize in particular academic areas. This gives students a leg up when searching for jobs, and as they advance their careers, they can expand their areas of study. In addition, there is a wider selection of course work available once a post graduate program has been completed.

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